Hello everyone, my name is Alex Rock and studying at Texas Union University of Texas, doing my Bachelors.  Wish to share my story and experience with Martha and Marley Spoon where you can get special deals and discounts on your favorite recipes in the form of our Marley Spoon Coupon.

I belong to Sydney and had my schooling at New York along with my sister.  My father has an established business at New York and the family is well settled at NY.  However, after school, I have to move to Union Texas for my Bachelors degree. 

Moving from your home town is a difficult task, however, I have to accept my father’s decision, as it is all for my good and bright future.   However, I had a fear of the city culture, university environment, room-mates personalities and above all, the food concern, as I am a food lover and thankfully my mother is an excellent cook,  and the big concern for me is that I will not be able to eat my mother’s hand made cook for two years. However, she motivates me for my future and promised me that she will arrange some alternate for me, with a big smile.

As I moved to Texas, I had to share an apartment with 3 of my class-mates, which are all from some other countries and culture.   One of them is an Australian, one from Germany and another one from India. We all are very excited and motivated for our good time ahead. Sharing an apartment with others is an all new experience for me, which is sometimes excited, however, sometimes I got frustrated and wish to fly back to my parents.

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The most difficult time for me is that we four have to cook food in the night simultaneously. The Indian friend knew cooking and was excited to cook and serve us his food and he has taken the first turn voluntarily.   I have no clue what-so-ever of the cooking things and was very upset of the happenings. The food made by our Indian colleague was very tasty and we enjoyed a lot that night. However, in the night, when everybody sleeps, I decided to call my mother for this situation.  

She sounds very happy of me being settled at Texas, but when I share my problem with her, she laughs and advise me that she can resolve my problem, but I have to make certain promises with her of my studies and be at top in terms of my results and position. 

I am a good student and promised her of my best.  She then introduced me Martha and Marley Spoon, the grocery service which will get your favorite meals, packed in hygienic packing and they also provide a recipe card for each and every meal with graded ingredients as well.  Thanks to Marleyspoonfoodguide, I was able to get these things on a fair price at Marley Spoon.

The next day, I immediately visited the Page and ordered Meal Kits for Families, which was delivered with Recipe Card.  I had taken some help from my Indian Friend as well, but the results were amazing.

All four of us enjoyed the food and I felt proud of my mother and her choice, as the food was delicious and easy to cook.

The only concern for me in Texas is resolved, and I can now fully focus on my studies.

Thank you Mother, and thank you Martha and Marley Spoon.

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