This is my first Dinnerly review but definitely not the first time I have been trying Dinnerly meal kit services. I saw an ad probably on Facebook, and the first three boxes are going to be $23 inclusive of shipping charges. However, they are going to give you Dinnerly recipes with 2-servings each meal. About their servings, which are enough for eating two people with a full tummy. In fact, sometimes, you also get to save the leftover that you can eat as a snack the next time. If not this discount, you can use Dinnerly Promo Code to make meal kits more affordable for you.

Recently, I ordered three different meals from the meal kit, one is a hamburger meal, one is meal balls and the last one is shawarma. It turned out pretty amazing. However, I came up with an in-depth analysis of the Dinnerly meal kit services and have come up with the breakdown for you.

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Here’s what you need to know:

  • Meal Kit Box – Diving inside the boxes there is thick layered insulation that covers all of the box keeping safe all of the ingredients that are inside the meal kit box. The insulations are made in a way that they keep all of the ingredients safe inside the box. Usually, what happens is that, due to the box and the layers that are made to keep all the things safe inside, the ingredients are displaced from their position but with Dinnerly recipes, there’s nothing like that. You will see all of the ingredients placed properly so that you can easily take them out.
  • Timely Deliveries – The other good thing about this meal kit service is that they have timely deliveries. Most of the time, the customers are exhausted because the food is not reached their place on time. Dinnerly does not make the commitment which they cannot make. However, they only promise the delivery time which is possible. In case of deliveries, they inform the customers beforehand so that they are prepared. Also, once I remember I got my parcel late due to heavy rain, so they made it up to me by giving me a gift voucher of 25% off to be used on the next purchase at Dinnerly.
  • eRecipe Cards – Dinnerly has gone all handy; meaning that if you order from Dinnelry, you will not get a recipe card inside the box. Wait, what? You will not get a card? So, how are you going to cook then? Well actually, they will not give you a Dinnerly recipe card on hard copy, instead, they give you a soft copy of the recipe right at your email address. And I actually found it pretty handy because now I don’t. need to protect the recipe card from the water and moisture and I can use it anytime anywhere, any part of the world I want – with the same taste and easy to follow instructions. Pretty convenient, right?

Now, it’s your turn to try out Dinnerly recipes on Dinnerly menu and give your honest feedback about the meal kit service.

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